Our Services


Excellence in Mining Support,
and supply

Charusa Ventures Limited has a great portfolio of mining services provided to prominent Mining companies in various areas across Ghana.

1. Contract Mining

Charusa Ventures Limited has the technical capacity, design and supervisory resources to increase production considering the nature, size, duration and complexity of your mining project.

We offer a full suite of drilling services including production drilling, blasting services, loading and hauling of ore and waste, equipment maintenance, scheduling and budgeting. We also offer complete surface mining services including exploration and  mine design.

2. Equipment Rental & Supervision

At Charusa Ventures Limited, we try to understand the task at hand so as to provide you with the best equipment to increase your work efficiency. We do this keeping in mind our social and environmental responsibility towards people and the surroundings. In addition to our professional staff who supervise operations, our machines and equipment undergo scheduled maintenance making them efficient for whatever mining activity you wish to undertake. Our mining equipment selection includes a wide assortment of mining trucks and loaders (excavators, dozers, off-highway trucks, etc.) capable of handling even the most challenging mining applications with ease.

3. Mining Consultancy

Charusa Ventures Limited provides consultancy services to all aspects of Mine Development, from Exploration and Feasibility through to Design, Contract Negotiations, Construction Supervision, Mine Management, Operational Assistance and Training. We also consult on mines to determine the location, size, accessibility, contents, value, and potential profitability of mineral.
Our Mining Consultancy Services include:

4. Importation and supply of food commodities

We have a rich experience in the importation and supply of food commodities in Ghana. With a wide range of product imports, we are able to supplement the Ghanaian market with goods that could only be produced outside the country. Some of our imports include Sardines, Mackerels, Spaghetti etc